Frequently Asked Questions

Which regions do you service?

We currently cover Greater Melbourne. Essentially, this is Melbourne itself and about 50km around it. We also cover the Yarra Valley, the Dandenongs, and the Peninsula (yes, even Frankston).

At a small extra cost, we can cover Geelong, Great Ocean Road, Ballarat, Bendigo and Greater Victoria.

There's a great map on our Locations page.

How many copies of each print do we get?

You get two copies of the photo strip for each session. One to keep and one to share, if you want. If you'd like more copies, you'll have to jump back in the booth and try to mimic your last pose. (Remember: there's no limit to the number of photos you can take!).

Can we have the event details on the photo strip?

TOTALLY! If you're hosting a party, wedding, or something similar, you can choose one of our standard strips and we will edit it to have your event's details on it. Perfect for momentos of the great day!

If you're running a corporate event, we can do anything you'd like with the strip. Your logo, colours, #hashtags, promo codes, special offers. The list goes on and on. We can even customise the background colour. We can do any colour, except Cadbury purple (unless you're Cadbury)!

What do the photos look like?

Awesome! Check out the gallery.

Where can we set up the booth? How much space does it take up?

Our photo booths are portable and easy to set up. We can set it up upstairs, outside (it's best to put it under a cover to protect it from the elements), or even underground if you want. The booth takes up 2 x 2m and we're well practiced in putting in together in tight spaces. If you have any doubts, just ask us.

Is it easy to use? Can the oldies use it?

It's super easy to use. Just tap the START button on the touch screen and the booth will start counting down. When it hits 0, it'll take your photo. Don't forget to say "CHEESE!".

Do we get to keep all the images from the event?

Yes. We'll provide you with a gallery showing all the high resolution images that were taken at your event. You can then share these and download them to do whatever you want with them. We also post you a USB stick with every single photo in it's original format.

Are the photos high quality?

In short: Yes. Check out the gallery.The longer answer? We use studio flash lighting to give the best illumination for your photos, so they'll never come out dark. We use a high end Digital SLR camera to take the photo. No rubbish webcam here! We use a powerful tablet computer to process the image, so there's no compression. And we use a high end photo printer to print the photos, so you get the best colour and photos that truly pop!

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